11 Comfort Food Casseroles to Keep You Warm All Season Long

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Casseroles are your favorite fall comfort food — even if you don’t know it yet. Hear me out. I don’t blame you for being a little gun-shy after one too many mystery dishes masquerading as a casserole. Maybe you’re thinking of the sad pile of green beans at Thanksgiving — or worse, of that godforsaken mash of sweet potatoes and marshmallows. (Seriously, guys. How is this a thing?) But casseroles can be so much more. Like crumbles and crisps, they’re a little hard to define, but we’ll bet you’ve eaten one before — and liked it. Ever had enchiladas? Probably a casserole. Lasagna? You got it! Have you ever been drunk and hungry and thrown the entire contents of your fridge into one baking dish? Definitely a casserole. That’s because — according to my unofficial, completely arbitrary definition — a casserole needs to be only three things:

1. Baked in some sort of oven-safe dish,

2. Cheesy,

3. And if not cheesy, then just plain good for the soul.

If you have a baking pan and a semi-stocked refrigerator, you already have everything you need to get your casserole on. To start you off, we rounded up a few of our favorite recipes, from buffalo chicken to zucchini — and now, we want you to go wild. Unleash your fall produce, your grains, heck, even your ramen. It’s casserole season, and we’re holding nothing back.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

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