9 Grains You Need to Know and How to Cook Them

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Let’s be honest — we foodies are hipsters extraordinaire. You like chocolate? Please. We only eat single-origin bars. Our favorite IPA? You’ve probably never heard of it. We’ve been outdoing hipsters long before the first suspenders-wearing bartender landed in Brooklyn, but for all our food snobbery, there’s one frontier we’ve left untouched: grains.

Here’s the thing. We know you liked rice before sushi made it cool. You were eating quinoa when no one even knew how to pronounce it yet. But after one too many stir-fries and granolas, our mainstays are so mainstream — and now, it’s time to introduce a few new staples to the repertoire. If quinoa was the Coachella headliner, think of freekeh, amaranth, and Kamut as the indie bands you saw once at a dusty, underground club. They’re about to make it big — and when they do, just remember that you knew them first.

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