9 Geeky Candles That Bring Fictional Worlds To Life, Because All Homes Should Smell Like Dumbledore's Office

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With New York Comic Con around the corner, there is no better time to celebrate your inner geek. I'm talking more than the standard re-read of your favorite books or binge watch of your favorite TV shows kind of celebration. I'm talking about lighting candles. Look, I want you to fully celebrate what you love, beyond dressing up like your favorite character. If you really want a fictional world to feel real, you need to smell it, duh.

I don’t remember much from my high school AP psych class, but I’m pretty sure I learned that your sense of smell is most closely tied to memory recall. That’s why when you smell your friend's perfume on someone else, you immediately think of that friend. Since we will probably never actually make it to Hogwarts, maybe we can convince our brains — or at least our noses — that it’s real

For example, I imagine that the Great Hall in Hogwarts smells like delicious carb-filled food, a hint of old books, and the excitement of young witches and wizards. Sounds great right? Well, while I work on bringing that scent to life, check out these very amazing and very real candles that will bring your other favorite fictional universes to life, from Elm Street to Sherlock's studio to the Arrested Development banana stand.

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