7 Style Lessons From 'Gilmore Girls'

It’s a big day today. Sure — it's finally October and we’re in the prime of PSL season. But the real reason to celebrate? Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix. I repeat: GILMORE GIRLS IS ON NETFLIX! This is huge, people! No more waiting for ABC Family to kind of/sort of/not really air reruns. Goodbye, weekend plans and productivity. Hello, Stars Hallow.

Gilmore Girls was filmed from 2000-2007 — aka, during the best time for fashion trends. After all, those were the glory days when we saw just about everything, from Tiffany charm necklaces to chunky highlights. Of course, our favorite characters weren’t immune to these faux pas. Rory had that obsession with unflattering turtlenecks, while Lorelai loved the tight vest over a collared shirt look. Why? Who knows. Good times were had by all.

We learned quite a few things from the residents of Stars Hollow. How to deal with heartbreak. Your mom should be your best friend. That coffee is everything (seriously—it’s a lifestyle). Even though they were guilty of wearing some embarrassing trends, they can also teach us a few things about style. In honor of your upcoming Netflix binge, here are the seven lessons we learned about fashion from our favorite women in Gilmore Girls.

1. Change Up Your Hair

Remember when Rory chopped off her long locks in a bob and totally surprised Lorelai with her new ‘do? Sure — the writers probably added that in after Alexis Bledel got a bob, but it was such a good move for Rory. Thinking about chopping your own locks? Do it! Make a move. Pull a Rory.

2. Uniforms CAN Look Good

How is it even possible that Rory looked so polished and put-together in her button down and plaid skirt while walking the halls of Chilton Prep? A far cry from Princess Mia. Lesson here? If you're stuck in a polo and khakis for work, figure out a way to own it.

3. Be Smart And Look Fabulous

Rory is probably one of the smartest women on TV. After all, The Rory Gilmore Book List exists for a reason. Another one of her superpowers? Top tier style. Just as Emma Watson proved to us all during her speech at the UN, you can be smart and look fabulous. Embrace your inner Rory and wear something nice — while you’re studying chem, of course.

4. Own Your Signature Style

Remember Luke? He was super chill, worked at a diner, and loved coffee. Oh yeah — and he wore a plaid shirt and backwards hat ALL THE DAMN TIME. If anyone can find of photo of him without one of these two things, please send it my way.

Hey, the look worked for him, so why should he wear something else? Find something you love and stick to it.

5. Lighten Up

Oh, Paris. If she wasn’t stressing out about homework, she was nagging to Rory about any other terrible thing going on in her life. Someone needs a drink.

Want to be just like Paris? Then keep stressing out about what you are or should be wearing. You don’t? Then stop stressing and just go with it. So much less hectic.

6. Find Someone Who Gives Honest Style Advice

Rory and Lorelai pretty much redefined mother-daughter relationships as we know them. They laugh together, share dating advice, and pretty much anything else BBFs do.

They’re completely blunt about everything. We all need that person in our life so they can tell it exactly how it is... and when you have spinach stuck in your teeth.

7. Have A Night In

Let’s all admit that heels are really, really uncomfortable. Worth it? Sometimes, but other times, you just need a night in.

Rory has perfected the girl’s night with Chinese food and movies. Sure—dressing up and going out can be fun, but we can all take a break from tight dresses and painful shoes.

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