'Shark Tank's Ninja Cards Are Actually Pretty Intense But Don't Worry, the Creators Have Some Tips

Oh, Mr. Wonderful. Though that name may conjure up visions of sugarplums and dainty unicorns for the average listener, viewers of ABC's Shark Tank know that it carries something a little more sinister. Well not sinister, so much as shrewd. Mr. Wonderful is non other than Kevin O'Leary, one of the residents "Sharks" of Shark Tank. He's the epitome of the reality show trope of someone who's not here to make friends, they are here to win. Every week, hopeful business owners go to Shark Tank also hoping to win and on Friday's episode, one such business is Ninja Cards, a throwing game invented by two buddies.

Games aren't something found on Shark Tank too often. Fans have seen tons of products aimed at parents, a lot of technological solutions, more pet-related products than I can count, and multiple supposedly better versions of common products that range from mops to socks. But games don't pop up as often as these Shark Tank standbys.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some great games out there worthy of the sharks' attention. Ninja Cards are actually pretty cool and they have a lot going for them — including a special update based on the series.

Ninja Cards on YouTube


Co-workers Kevin Haton and Dustin Berk were whiling away time in a hotel room and accidentally stumbled upon a new business venture. To pass the time, they began flicking their plastic key cards against empty beer bottles, mimicking the action of Ninja throwing stars. Over the course of time, they eventually added structure to the game and turned their hotel room into a bonafide game space. Their story is inspirational for all of the times you've thought of something great and silly with a friend over some beers (also does this mean we might get an official True American game on store shelves?).


If you find that you just can't stop playing with Ninja Cards, there's hope for you in the wacky world of Ninja Card tournaments,detailed on their website If you're bold enough for it, the creators even have some card-throwing tips, so you can get your practice on before challenging someone on the tourney circuit.


If you and your friends are already over Cards Against Humanity, and you haven't touched your Rock Band game in years, Ninja Cards might be the geeky fun you are hunting for. Think about it — your friends come over to your place for a get together, and people can jump in or out in a game of skill that's easy to understand and, one can only imagine, gets more and more silly as you get drunker.


That's right, if you were looking for a gift for the Tank fan in your life, for just about $30 you can get them the edition of the game that includes the custom Shark Tank board the creators made specifically for the show. Unfortunately, the board does not replace the standard numbers with pictures of the sharks' faces. But that would've been a product too epic to pass up.