Style Lessons We Learned From Sex In The City

ICYMI: a third Sex and The City movie might be a thing!!! (I'm too excited about this to only use one exclamation point.) Like many others, I do have a love/hate relationship with SATC. Thanks for the unrealistic expectations about, well, sex and the city, Carrie. (Cut the BS. You can't afford those shoes, and neither can I.) But I have to give it to Candace Bushnell and the creators of the show: if there's one TV show/movie franchise that's been known for its incredible style, it's this one.

Beyond Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, their wardrobes played starring roles as well. Designers' names were dropped often, and fashion events were attended frequently. SATC reigned in the golden age of trendy TV, and the fashion porn that the third film is sure to deliver makes it a little hard to breathe for a hot second (I'm like an overexcited puppy.)

In my opinion, the movies upped the style ante in a way I didn't think possible. The wedding dress Vogue shoot? Iconic. And one of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits ever was her New Year's Eve ensemble in the first film. Definitive proof that no one can make pajamas look more stylish than she can.

And although I'm already fantasizing about the clothes in the third film, I couldn't help but wonder: how has the fashion in the shows and movies past affected me? Because it was never really about trends -- it was about the style. Here are seven lessons I learned from my four favorite imaginary girlfriends.

Personal Style Is Just That: Personal Style

One of my favorite things about SATC is that each of the girls had their own unique style. Charlotte's wardrobe was feminine and classic, Miranda was all about the power-woman ensembles, Samantha's outfits were glitzy and sexy, and Carrie gravitated towards trendy and colorful clothes. Despite their different style leanings, they applauded each others' fashion sense (most of the time.) When someone's wearing something you would never pick up, it's OK to just appreciate it knowing it's not your thing.

Stay True To Your Style

On that note, it's important to know your style and stick to it. That's not to say you can't venture out if you feel like it -- but make sure you actually do feel like it. I've fallen into this trap far too many times: I alter my style based on where I am, who I'm with, and what I'm doing. I aspire to be like the SATC girls, living without fear of judgement. I'll pass on wearing the shearling vest I adore because I think it will look weird at the bar I'm going to, and I'll decide on flats instead of heels if my much shorter friends aren't going for their platforms. I'll buy the tropical print dress for vacation because, well, Hawaii, and I'll never wear it again because it's not my style. I endeavor to have the same confidence in my clothing choices at Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha and make my style choices regardless of external factors besides than the weather.

It's OK To Break From Tradition

Remember Carrie's almost-wedding to Big in the beginning of the first film? (Who couldn't.) Even though that day didn't turn out so good for our favorite fictional sex columnist, I have to congratulate her on her and her bridesmaids' stellar wedding style, even though it was far from traditional. The big blue feather headpiece? The wingwomen's mismatched, boldly hued gowns? It's a break from your average pastel wedding color palette, and that's one of the reasons we love Carrie (and forgive her for some of her dumb choices. #TEAMAIDAN.) She was never afraid to do something out of the ordinary. Props.

Wardrobe Recycling Can Be Extremely Chic

When Carrie broke out her classic newspaper dress the second time, all lifelong SATC fans had a little moment. So much had happened between the first wear of that dress on the show and the last -- ah, memories. Carrie showed us that rewearing a super memorable dress is nothing to be frowned upon. In fact, the second time around can be even better.

Your Old Clothes Are A Window To Your Past

The scene in the first SATC movie where the girls try on all of Carrie's old clothes is one of my favorite moments in the show's history. For fashion lovers, clothes carry so many memories. I still have the first college sweatshirt I ever bought, and every time I wear my trusty Steve Madden lace-up boots I think about how many European cities they've seen on my travels. And even though it's no longer my style, I'll never give up the dress I graduated from high school in (it is a miracle it still fits -- kind of.) Cleaning out your closet can be a fun, emotional and cathartic experience all at the same time, and in the best ways. And it's always better done with longtime girlfriends.

Don't Feel Guilty About Investing In Your Wardrobe

It's one of the most iconic Carrie Bradshaw quotes: "I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet." While I can't say I buy $600 shoes with the same frivolity that CB did, she did teach me not to feel badly about spending some cash on a dress I just can't live without or that ring that's practically grown into my hand. I've been working on curating my wardrobe and collecting pieces that I really, really love. If that means spending some of my hard-earned money on things that are worth it to me, I'll have no regrets.

Wear The Clothes, Don't Let The Clothes Wear You

Even though clothes were a huge part of SATC, the woman always, always, always wore the clothes -- not the other way around. When you're confident in what your wearing and embrace your personal style, it's effortless. I'm working on it.