Where Can I Buy 'Shark Tank's SoapSox? Because They Are the Most Adorable Things in the Show's History

Another children's product is about to get into the ring with the Sharks. There will be a cute contender on Friday night's episode of Shark Tank with SoapSox. Calling themselves "the next generation of washcloths for kids," SoapSox is a hybrid of a stuffed animal and a washcloth to help children have more fun at bath time. The soapy animals of SoapSox are available to purchase now. But since Daymond John funded Sleeping Baby's Zipadee-Zip during the Shark Tank Season 6 premiere, will the Sharks be interested in another baby-focused product on the Oct. 3 episode?

This won't be SoapSox's first time pitching for financial assistance. SoapSox had a Kickstarter in 2013 and with 624 backers, they earned over $50,000 (about $7,000 over their goal). This model of doing crowdfunding and then going on Shark Tank isn't new — Bombas socks just went on Shark Tank after an Indiegogo campaign and also got John to partner with them. It's hard not to be cynical of these companies (especially with the Season 18 premiere of South Park tackling Kickstarter in "Go Fund Yourself"), but something about SoapSox washes the cynicism away and I want to see these sudsy guys succeed.

So, what's so special about SoapSox?

It's Not Just a Cute Idea

SoapSox aren't just cuddly on the outside — the story of their creation is endearing as well. The CEO and founder of SoapSox, Ray Phillips, worked at a residential treatment facility for children. One of the kids would not cooperate during bath time for a week and the child would carry a stuffed animal with him. So, Phillips created a makeshift SoapSox with a regular stuffed animal and finally got him to bathe. Of course it's a clever idea, but the fact that it could actually make bath time lots of fun is a major draw.

Sesame Street on YouTube

Sorry, Ernie, but SoapSox may replace the non-fuzzy rubber duckie if it can make parents' lives easier.

The Creators Know How to Have Fun

Alvin Uy on YouTube

Although the Sharks are usually all business when it comes to negotiating, Phillips and creative director and co-founder Alvin Uy know that selling a children's product should be fun too. Their lighthearted video above shows that the guys have some charisma, which may help them win over the Sharks, and makes them more likable from a consumer's standpoint.

They're Just Friggin' Adorable

With Harper the Hippo, Scorch the Dragon, and Tank the Shark, I audibly "awww"ed when I saw these cute washcloths — they have goddamn hearts in their eyes! As a grown woman (hmm "grown" may be debatable), I want to switch my loofah out for one of them. They really do look like regular stuffed animals, so I'd imagine kids couldn't help but like them too. I'm hoping the Sharks can dig into their souls (yes, they have them too) and back SoapSox.

Images: SoapSox; tinibinib/Tumblr