Miley Cyrus Posts Photo of Katy Perry Kiss & Deletes It, Which Was the Right Move — PHOTO

Miley Cyrus has built a whole new career out of being as outrageous as possible and, let's be real, it's been working for her. Taking a quick stroll through her Instagram will reveal pictures of Cyrus peeing in the woods, pictures of her in the bathtub, pictures of her barely dressed, pictures of her making out with a giant blow-up penis. These have all become so commonplace as to not even elicit an eyebrow-raise half the time, but Cyrus' latest Instagram photo took it a step too far. For Woman Crush Wednesday, or #WCW, Cyrus posted a picture of her Katy Perry kiss with a pretty offensive caption. Thankfully, the post has since been deleted.

According to E! Online, Cyrus' caption on the close-up picture was "Wcw is this slut @katyperry /tbt (not on t) to that time we made out during my #bangerztour." For those whose memory for celebrity drama gets hazy after constantly having to replace old feuds with new ones, Cyrus went in for the kiss during Bangerz, and Perry pulled away when Cyrus tried to slip her the tongue. She later joked about the kiss on an Australian talk show, saying, "God knows where that tongue has been! We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

Shots fired. Cyrus responded with a tweet that mocked Perry and her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, whose tongue she apparently considered more infamous than her own. She then followed it up with a drawing of the moment and the message: "Dontchyouuuu act like you didn't lurvvvvv it."

The back-and-forth about the kiss ended not long after that, but it was generally believed — you know, by me — that Cyrus' jokes about the incident passed the border of good taste into outright mean. After all, there was no need to bring Perry's ex-boyfriend into this, now was there? For her to have posted a new photo of the kiss is fine, because it's been half a year since the incident and both Perry and Cyrus have clearly put it behind them. However, for her to refer to Perry as a "slut," even jokingly, for a kiss she tried to pull away from when Cyrus attempted to deepen it, was another joke that I found past the border of good taste.

However, flipping through Cyrus' Instagram now will find that she has deleted the post a lá Justin Bieber, and that's a good thing. I have no idea if Cyrus did it because Perry asked her to, because she realized it wasn't that funny, or because the E! Online article didn't read very positive about it, but regardless of why she deleted it, I'm glad that it's gone. Even if she tried to maintain her humor about it, it's clear that Perry wasn't comfortable with the level of "outrageous" that Cyrus was going for during that concert, and it's best to just leave the past in the past with that one.

Image: mileycyrus/Instagram