Is 'The Vampire Diaries'' Whitmore College A Real Place? Well, Yes, But It Has A Different Name

We made it, CW fans. Well, barely — it's been a long and tough few months of no Vampire Diaries while the fate of Damon Salvatore hangs precariously in the balance. God, is anyone over that yet? Because I absolutely am not. The Vampire Diaries Season 6 will premiere on Thursday and Elena Gilbert seems to be doing her best to try to get over losing the love of her life by going back to school. Back to Whitmore College, to be exact, where she's apparently a pre-med student. Even though she went to, like, one class during TVD Season 5. (And it wasn't even the right one, might I add.) The college is going to play a major part in TVD Season 6 and, guess what people, Whitmore College is a real place.

With Elena actually making an effort to go back to school and Alaric teaching a class in occult studies at the same college, Whitmore's gone from being a creepy place that imprisoned Damon in the '70s to a major Season 6 location. The college will also serve as the home base for one TVD's new additions and Alaric's potential love interest Jo, who is a doctor at the university hospital and, according to Nina Dobrev's recent interview with THR, Elena's new mentor in Season 6. (She's going to need a lot of help since, apparently, she woke up one morning and decided to be a doctor.) So, while TVD's supernatural characters are banned from Mystic Falls, they clearly can still run amuck at Whitmore College. Now, where exactly is this place and can you apply there?

As every good Vampire Diaries fan knows, the CW series has been filming in Covington, GA and its surrounding areas for most of its time on the air. The town, which is the real-life location of TVD's Mystic Falls, conveniently has a college nearby — Oxford College of Emory University. The college has served as the setting for Whitmore College since its first appearance in Season 4. I know you remember the episode when Damon, Bonnie, and Elena went to a frat party for Elena to learn how to feed on humans.

I'm sure you recognize this walkway from Elena and Caroline's move-in during Season 5 premiere. And, yes, you can actually apply to Oxford College — so if you're really a TVD super-fan that can't think of anything more satisfying than attending the same college as Elena Gilbert, you're in luck. You probably won't get Elena and Caroline's sweet dorm room though, but dorm rooms like that only exist on TV — sorry!

Image: Annette Brown/The CW, TVD Locations Guide - Covington, George & Beyond/Facebook