It's Sexy 'Sherlock,' My Dear Watson

You know what really revs my engines? Sexy literary characters of the Late Victorian Era. Oh yeah baby, take me to your late Gregorian palace of love. You really light my gas lamp...Right. Anyway. I would imagine the "Sexy Sherlock Holmes Detective" costume is a popular choice this Halloween due to the massive fandom of the BBC series Sherlock . However, you won't find Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman sporting cleavage or wearing skin-tight frocks any time soon (dang!).

Now, sexy Halloween costumes have become almost a parody of themselves at this point. Take the Sexy Olaf from Frozen, for example. We're no longer in a world of Sexy Nurses and Sexy Construction Workers (insert awful drill pun here) —Nay, we are now in a world of sexy pizzas and sexy (read: cringe-inducing) children's movie characters. However, "Sexy Sherlock" really takes the cake with it's oh-so tacky description,

The Sexy Sherlock Holmes Detective Costume is an elementary choice this Halloween! Solve the case of the dull party while you're in the mini dress, houndstooth cape, matching deerstalker hat, and pipe of this sexy detective costume. Don't miss a clue this Halloween when you're wearing the women's Sherlock Holmes costume!

I would pay an absurd about of money to have the writers of BBC's Sherlock write a Sherlocktian deduction of that very description. I imagine it would sound a little something like this:

The obvious "elementary" joke proves that the person writing it went as far as searching "famous Sherlock quotes" on the Internet and came up with this rather, shall we say, sophomoric pun. Now moving on, the author has not clearly identified the case at the party other than the fact it is dull. Are you making it less dull by wearing said costume? It's a highly doubtful conclusion as though the costume may be short, it is made entirely of materials that do not exist in nature, therefore, causing the wearer of the garment to sweat profusely.

I don't know about you, but I think a Sherlock costume more akin to Benedict Cumberbatch's look will be much more fun to wear this Halloween, my dear Watson.

Image: findcostume