What. Just. Happened.

We waited all episode to find out what happened to Damon & Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 premiere. And when we finally got a glimpse, there they were, sitting in a sunny log cabin, playing house. What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On. And where is Special Agent Dale Cooper? Because it looks a little Twin Peaks-ish up in here.

We knew that whatever had happened after Damon died would be weird. We guessed that he might show up in ghost form (though I think none of anticipated that he would show up in witchy-herb-hallucination form, like he did for Elena). We also guessed that Damon and Bonnie would be getting along a little too well. I don't think any of us expected them to be smiling, eating happy vampire chocolate chip pancakes and doing the crossword together. But all these amenities in their new afterlife (fresh coffee that is still bringing out my inner Lorelai Gilmore right now and OJ straight out of a Florida Orange Juice commercial) has me thinking: If they witnessed the end of the other side, then where the hell are they now? Is this heaven? I mean, my personal heaven involved fresh coffee, glowing sunlight, and endless reading material, but something tells me that's not Damon's idea of the perfect after life.

So where could they possibly be? Here's what we're working with:

Fine, They're in Heaven

I guess that would make the most sense. They did actually die "for real" this time. And I mean, can we talk about the coffee again? That was heaven.

The only problem is that Damon has to find his way back, and coming back from heaven delves into some religious issues that TVD tends to avoid. And then there's the part where Damon and Bonnie hooking up (and they looked pretty cozy) is not a thing that any just God would allow.

Nope. Not heaven.

Maybe it's Purgatory

The logical explanation is that if they are dead, but aren't in heaven, they're in purgatory. (Plec has made it pretty clear that the world of the living is hell all on it's own, so I'd rule that out almost immediately.) The problem is that another show is taking that path rather heavily right now — ahem, Sleepy Hollow. And Plec does not do copycat storylines.

Some Other Julie-Plec-Invented Universe Because She Is An Evil Genius

Look, we know that even if Plec and co. do call Damon's new spot "heaven" that it won't be anything resembling that hallowed locale with pearly white gates. There will be no angels. No one will be wearing white robes. Or perhaps she'll take on the word "Purgatory." But no matter what she calls it — Land of Original Sin or the Land of the Lost Minus the Dinosaurs — this place is going to be pure, unadulterated Plec. So we may as well sit back and enjoy what will likely be an unbelievable reveal.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW; Giphy (3)