What Will She Do for Love?

In case you've forgotten, there are actually a lot of characters in Once Upon A Time , aside from the ones who have dropped in from Arendelle. Some characters have been with us since the first season of the show, four years ago. We've come to know and love them, and we desperately want happy endings for all of them. Even ex-Evil Queen Regina. We saw a glimmer of a happy ending for her at the end of last season, but we know her ride off into the sunset with her prince charming is no more. Maid Marian's back, and Robin Hood has a lot of thinking to do. So what will Regina do to get the happy ending she deserves?

Yes, I know in a past life Regina was the epitome of evil in the Enchanted Forest, but she has changed. She no longer wants to kill everyone to get what she wants, and she cares about people other than just herself. Last season showed a huge step in the right direction, when it was her kiss that brought back Henry's memories — that's a true love's kiss, you know.

Then there's the whole thing with Robin. As predicted by Tinker Bell, Regina and Robin are destined to be together. It would have been great and Robin Hood is so downright dreamy. But then, ugh, Emma had to go and mess everything up, and in hopes of trying to save a life, brought back the last person Regina would ever want to see. (Let's also consider how freaked out Robin must be, considering the no-longer-dead/time travel aspect of his wife's resurrection. It's freaky.)

Regina consults her mirror. She's ready to kill Marian to get her happy ending and she has the opportunity to do so, but holds back! Oh no. This could show that Regina has changed and moved away from her killing ways. But, probably not. She might just be gearing up to release more of her wrath against Marian. She's technically already killed Marian once, so what could she do this time?


Regina is really good at starting curses, if you didn't already know. If she's done it once, she can do it again. If she does go the curse route, what kind of curse would it even be? She's already transported everyone back and forth between the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, and everyone's memories have already been wiped. What kind of strange and different curses are even still out there? Could she possibly just cast a curse on Robin and Marian, so they forget their story — but what would everyone else in Storybrooke have to say about that? They'd still know the truth. Another curse would have to be much bigger than the previous ones.

Odds of happening: slim.


As mayor, Regina holds more power than everyone else in Storybrooke, and not just because of magic. She could easily accuse Marian of some sort of crime, whether real or staged, and have the girl banished from the town. This probably wouldn't sit too well with Robin and he'd more than likely go after her. What will happen if she wipes Marian's memories and then banishes her? Robin might be apt to go after her, but he's still got Roland to look after. Unless she manages to wipe the memories of both Robin and Marian this way and banish Marian...

Odds of happening: maybe, if Regina can figure out the right angle to work.


Enough with the time travel already, it's getting to be too much. But Regina could easily head back to the same time Emma and Hook messed up on their last adventure and see to it that Marian is executed. This, however, would require another portal. Are there even any portals left? Also, can you change the past that's already been changed once?

Odds of happening: possibly — if she can find a portal. This would probably be the easiest one to do.


Accidentally. Both Regina and Marian want the same guy. One of them happens to be already married to him. As Robin told Regina, he's a thief, but he still has a code. He has to be the honorable guy and go back to his wife. There's no way both of these women will get what they want, and there's no way they can live together in harmony in Storybrooke. Something's got to change their status quo, and it'll be what they both desire: Robin.

In an actual attempt to kill Marian (which is an obvious route), Regina kills Robin (which is not an obvious route). My heart will break and break and break some more, but it's likely. As much as I want Regina to have that picturesque happy ending, it might not be in the cards for her.

Odds of happening: hand me that tissue box, please.


Last week's episode set up Regina trying to find whoever wrote Henry's storybook. Supposedly, that will solve all of Regina's love problems, if she can just change the way the stories are written. As easy as that sounds, it'll probably be next to impossible. Even if Regina finds the author, do you think OUAT would give us that instant satisfaction of altering time and space without any consequences? Probably not. Regina will have a backup plan for whatever she needs to accomplish. She still has lots of magical tricks up her sleeve.

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