She's Obsessed With Her Faux Fendi Tracksuit

A few years ago, the prospect of seeing Lady Gaga in casual activewear seemed less likely than Lance Bass actually going to the moon. However, today is the day when the seemingly impossible has come to fruition. A series of pictures posted to her Instagram on Saturday afternoon shows Lady Gaga wearing a Fake Fendi Tracksuit in what appears to be some sort of an artistic statement. Is it a comment on the death of the Juicy sweatsuit? Perhaps a stance on conspicuous consumption? Maybe she’s channeling her inner mob wife…

Whatever the significance of this sartorial choice, she really wants you to know that it isn't the real thing. One of the photos of her wearing this all-over monogrammed two-piece was captioned: “Faux-Fendi tracksuit from 'Dog' who needs to pay retail when your punk-haus will make one for u!” Well, erm, whether or not you pay retail, nobody really needs a Fendi tracksuit per se. And if anyone could pay for one, that person would be an international popstar and icon, wouldn't it? Just saying, guys.

I feel like this is Lady Gaga's vague attempt to get down with the proletariat. AKA, the people who can't afford to pay for Fendi signature-emblazoned products.

Canal Street chic, little monsters.


A true woman of the people wearing all her favorite brands, brands, brands, brands.

One thing's for sure. These are the perfect fashion pajamas to wear while phoning in the answers to your Reddit AMA.

Image: Lady Gaga/ Instagram