Get an Emma Swan Costume in 3 Easy Steps

'Tis the season to go as a badass female character for Halloween. There are so many to choose from: Elsa the snow queen, Katniss the leader of the rebellion, or dragon master Daenerys. But don't forget you could also go as Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time for Halloween. There are a few advantages to this costume. For one, Emma is as kick butt as it comes. She's always dueling dragons, witches, ice monsters, and saving the magical world in between caring for her son. But also, Emma's wardrobe is pretty easy to replicate and also super cute. You could totally reuse anything you buy post-Halloween and it'll fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

What I love about Emma Swan is she totally has a uniform of sorts. Her go-to leather jacket and boots ensemble is no-nonsense which is exactly what you need when dealing with the kind of crazy Storybrooke is always throwing at her. Who else found it so disconcerting to see her in stilettos and skirts during her year in New York? When she went to her closet for her trusty coat I almost cried.

But with Halloween around the corner, you too can be a badass magical savior with a powerful wardrobe in just a few simple steps.


Emma's got that soft curls thing going on. Fortunately you don't have to have a professional on-set stylist to recreate her look. Just check out this tutorial.


You can pick up a version of her ruby red coat at Forever 21 for just $18. It's not real leather which is a bonus because you know how Snow White gets about her animal friends. You wouldn't want to upset her with your clothing choices.


You have to have sensible footwear to go chase down magical creatures. It's not easy to find a super cheap pair of boots, but the good news is these are a total investment piece. You will be able to wear them approximately 54678 more times this winter. So pick up a pair of Emma's brown lace up boots at UrbanOG for $41.

Then throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt and your look is complete. So easy, right? You're all ready to go out there and take some Enchanted Forest villains down and maybe even find your own Captain Hook.

Images: ABC (3) Forever 21; UrbanOG; bellefrnches, captainswaan/Tumblr