New 'Glee' Season 5 Trailer Has Some Exciting and Yet, Predictable Reveals for Next Season

FOX just released a new trailer for Glee , and much like the last one, it's pretty upbeat and there's no mention of Finn. But unlike the last trailer, it actually tells us what's up next for the students and teachers of McKinley High. Don't have time to watch the trailer? Here's what you need to know:

  • Sue is principal of McKinley High (called it) and she is now evil again, because Sue Sylvester can only ever be evil or grudgingly nice, and every time she's nice a glee club member gets pitchy, so..
  • Yes, they are definitely going through with the ill-informed "Blaine is totally going to propose!" storyline. No, they are not sorry about it.
  • They finally got the rights to some Beatles songs, so it looks like they'll do not one, but two Beatles-themed episodes (10 bucks that one will actually be titled "Beatlemania").
  • No one knows what they're going to do about Finn yet, because he is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. But there's a scene of Lea Michele staring off into the distance, so you know it must be pretty sad.
  • Yes, Darren Criss is just as adorable as you thought he'd be (and yes, I am a grown woman who just typed that sentence).