Will Juliette Ever Tell Avery?

BRB, literally every organ in my body is crying after knowing that yet another week will go by without Nashville couple Juliette and Avery realizing that they both just need to get over all the drama and be together forever and ever. I know things are looking bleaker than ever, what with Derek Hough and the most ridiculous smolder that ever smoldered, and Avery's little fling with the waitress who is into some really weird role play, but I can't lose hope yet. I mean come on, did you hear the way Avery played back that song he wrote for her? Of course you didn't, how could you hear anything over the sound of your tears? Really, though, I'm curious to see if Juliette tells Avery that she's pregnant with his baby, because at some point in the very near future that pregnancy is going to be a lot harder to hide (especially because the writers of the show have made her "pregnancy behavior" just about as unsubtle as possible).

So will she tell Avery now? Or will she wait for when the baby bump inevitably makes headlines, and see if he asks her about it then?

I'm guessing, based on the preview of next week's episode, that it's going to be the latter. Avery's "I wish I'd never met you" is a pretty harsh sentiment to interrupt someone with, and I could totally understand Juliette deciding to wait until they're not fighting in the middle of the street at night to break the news. Fingers crossed, though, that she doesn't wait too long. Partially because if I hear Avery sing another heart wrenching song about "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," every part of my soul is going to dissolve until there is nothing left. But mostly because two people that equally stubborn and proud and loving are obviously meant for each other.

Also, can we talk about how their future kid is going to take country music by storm? I'm calling dibs on being his or her future tour manager.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC, Giphy