We've All Had A Day Where We Could've Used Reviver

It happens to the best of us. Either one of your favorite items of clothing just doesn't have that fresh off the rack oomph anymore or you feel embarrassed about all of the totally normal but kind of gross human odors that cling to you throughout the day. And since the sharks of ABC's Shark Tank love innovation that they can easily package out, manufacture and sell, especially if it fulfills a need, Reviver Clothing Swipes seems like the perfect product to pitch them. Its creators want to make sure the only funk you feel comes from a smooth baseline, not your own scent.

Maybe you smoke or you've sweated through too many gym sets. Worse still, you look alright, but the scents you interact with on the daily (smog, pets) have you cancelling drinks with friends or a date because you don't want to be the world's smelliest companion.

Reviver seeks to change all that by keeping you so fresh and so clean without having to hit the showers. Created by brother duo Ben and Eric Kusins, they came upon the idea when Ben, a smoker wanted to get that ashtray smell off of his person. What they created will probably change the way we freshen up. Here's what you need to know about Reviver.

It's Like Febreze for Your Clothing

You just slip the wipe over your fingers and run it over your clothes and skin to get an almost shower-fresh feeling that gets you ready for your day. It's a win not just if you didn't have time to shower between your busy day and night, but if you're just having a lazy day and suddenly need to interact with other people. If that's what you're looking for, you can buy the regular Reviver Clothing Swipe on the company's website, with prices starting at $9.99 for a three-pack. If you're a smoker who needs to hide that scent, for the same price you can get the Smoke Swipe online too.

There's A Pet Version Too

Yup, Fido and Fifi's coats needn't smell like last night's curry either. And unlike trying to give your cat a bath, the Reviver swipes are low stress, as your favorite furry friend will just think they are getting petted. They sell both dog and cat-specific Swipes, as well as one for "pet parents."

They Want To Help You Get Some Too

There have been numerous studies on the role pheromones play to attract a mate. Heck people even throw pheromone parties so they can meet the one using only olfactory senses. So Reviver has "Spark" for men and women, which is infused with pheromones and claims it'll "step up your game" in no time.

Image: Reviver