You Don't Want To Miss the Season 5 Premiere

Everyone's favorite group of post-apocalyptic renegades is back! Season 5 of The Walking Dead returns Oct. 12, and not a moment too soon. Last season ended with a big reveal (Terminus is a horrible place!) and an even bigger cliffhanger (will everyone be eaten by cannibals?!). Heading into the new season, all our favorite characters are back together again... but they're imprisoned inside a shipping container. And if I've learned one thing from watching Dexter, it's that nothing good ever happens inside a shipping container. We've had to wait over six months to catch up with Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and, of course, the undead. Now new episodes are finally here. But you may be wondering, how can I watch The Walking Dead premiere? Even if your Sunday night TV schedule is already packed, don't worry. There are multiple ways to view this show other than at its appointed time.

Starting with the first episode of Season 5, titled "No Sanctuary," (and ain't that the truth) we'll get to begin answering all the questions last year's finale left unresolved. Hopefully, at some point over the next 16 episodes we'll find out where Beth is, what all those weird messages scrawled on Terminus' walls mean, and even if the gang ends up in Washington, D.C. or not. The Season 5 trailer offers some clues, but you'll have to tune in the premiere for answers.

Here are three ways to watch The Walking Dead if you miss the premiere on Sunday night.

AMC's Website

Not only does AMC make this amazing/disgusting show for us all to enjoy/be disgusted by, but the network also puts all their episodes up for viewing online the next day for free — if you already get the channel through your cable provider. Just head to AMCTV.com and click "full episodes." Remember though, you have to wait until the day after the episode airs before you can watch it online, so make sure to guard yourself against spoilers like they're Walkers.


You can also catch "No Sanctuary" on your phone or tablet if, say, you happen to be fleeing a global pandemic or whatevs. Just go to the same AMC website above, enter your cable provider information, and you'll have access to the season premiere and all other Season 5 episodes one day after they air. You can also download episodes to your device through iTunes or the Google Play store if you're willing to pay (details for that are below). Just don't be that person and watch without headphones in public. Anyone who displays that level of rudeness deserves to be eaten.


AMC makes all Walking Dead episodes available for purchase on iTunes the day after they air. You can buy them piecemeal for $2.99 each or get the whole season for $42.99. If you buy the whole season, you also get access to other video content, like clips from behind the scenes and interviews with the cast and crew.


With Amazon Instant Video, it's the same deal as all the other sites: the episodes go up one day after they air. Amazon is a little cheaper than iTunes, and it offers more pricing options. You can get standard quality video for $1.99 an episode, or splurge and spend $2.99 and get all that zombie killing in high definition. You can also buy whole season of The Walking Dead for $22.99 for SD or $32.99 for HD. But be warned: you can only download the episodes to two devices.

If none of these work for you, the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead starts at 9 p.m. on AMC on Oct. 12. Sometimes it's better to catch it the old-fashioned way.

Images: Frank Ockenfels/AMC (3); normiereedus/Tumblr; MoviePilot; Pinterest; WiffleGif