Terminus Is "No Sanctuary"

I have good news, everyone. Season 5 of The Walking Dead is going to be lighthearted and fun romp for everyone! Lots of puppies and sunshine, and probably hundreds of scoops of ice cream for everyone! Rick loves ice cream! Just kidding. Andrew Lincoln himself promised Entertainment Weekly that this season of The Walking Dead will be even darker than before. Considering the slew of blood and guts and dismembered bodies we've already witnessed over the past four seasons, seriously, what can they possibly do next? [Possible spoiler alert: cannibals. And not like the one currently on NBC.] For anyone hoping for tranquil fields of daisies and a trip to the zoo, you are watching the wrong show.

Lincoln also referred to the season as "brutal" and if that's not enough to get you excited, just the other day AMC posted the first promo poster for the season on their blog with the haunting tagline, "hunt or be hunted." We see Rick crouched in the bushes somewhere, clearly watching something off in the distance, and he is ready for whatever is about to happen. While I can't tell you what he's ready for, I can tell you that he's certainly not waiting for a passing ice cream truck.

In between all the spoilers and speculations for the fifth season, everyone keeps on throwing around Terminus. We first visited the location in the last two episodes of the season. Terminus this, Terminus that, everyone's going to die at Terminus, etc. It's just an abandoned train station, you guys. There's nothing to fear there, aside from the fact that it is probably most definitely also home to a cannibalistic cult, because honestly would you expect anything else? At the very end of season 4 our gang — finally mostly back together! — finds themselves trapped in a train car at Terminus. Fun fact, Terminus translates to "end of the line." Since they're at a train station, that could simply apply to the fact that that's where all the trains end, duh. It's the literal end of the line. Or we could take it in a more scholarly television approach and start thinking oh my god it translates to end of the line is this the end for Rick and Company? Matt Mitovich of TVLine revealed the title of the season's first episode: "No Sanctuary." If that's not a looming warning of despair, I don't know what is. No other titles have been revealed yet. Guys, I have a bad feeling about this.

But, come on, obviously Rick escapes the train car, because otherwise how could he be in the woods in that cool promo shot? I think only in literal terms, people. Also, I'm trying to think happy thoughts.

Images: AMC