'Downton Abbey' Jewelry Designer Launches Wedding Tiara Line, So Us Commoners Can Play Lady For a Day

Hollywood character-inspired dresses are currently the trendy long bob of weddings. But if dressing like a Disney princess isn't really your thing and you envision yourself as a bit more of classic royalty, how about taking some inspiration from television's most popular lady? The jewelry designer behind Downton Abbey has introduced a bridal collection, so you can look just like Lady Mary on your wedding day. Unfortunately, Matthew Crawley does not come as a gift with purchase.

The collection features tiaras and other small jewelry, and is crafted from bronze and Swarovski crystals combining Victorian, Edwardian, and Art deco styles. Andrew Prince, the show's jewelry designer, crafts pieces for each character based on their style preference, and has decided to make his expertise available to the public. "Tiaras are the most useless and the most fantastic," he told The New York Post.

So how much will looking like a lady drain your back account? Surprisingly, the jewels are reasonably priced. The collection, available at both Kleinfeld Bridal and Bergdorf Goodman, has tiaras starting at $625 and other jewels beginning at $70. And if you don't have a wedding on your agenda, fear not, because Prince claims tiaras are practical to wear anywhere. "Even gardening." Okay, let me get right on that.

So who else is wondering when we're going to get a Khaleesi inspired dress? Please HBO, get on it!

Images: Getty Images (1); Telegraph/Twitter