Jennifer Lopez Strips On The Street, Because She's J.Lo And She Can

How do you look when you leave the gym? Sweat beads on your face, baby frizz hairs sticking up out of your headband, guzzling water from your bottle like some kind of jungle animal — any of that ring a bell? Not for Jennifer Lopez. She put us mere mortals to shame when she left the gym on Thursday looking near flawless, and oh, by the way, she stripped on the street.

The 45-year-old paraded her covetable curves down a West Hollywood street after leaving the gym rocking a perfect blowout, glossed lips, and some pretty serious earrings that I'm concerned would cause some sort of safety hazard while working out. And a little purple bra. We know this because she had it on full display as she exited the gym shirtless, putting on her gray tank top as she walked down the street. We've always "ooh'd" and "aah'd" over her infamous booty, but it looks like her abs deserve some serious attention, too. Because girl is ripped. So here's hoping the Undress doesn't gain in popularity, because then we'd miss out on moments like Jennifer Lopez changing on the street. And obviously, we would not want that to happen.

So BRB while I wipe the pumpkin cookie crumbs from my face and contemplate joining a gym ASAP.

Images: Getty Images (1); ELLEmagazine/Twitter