Pay Attention to These Two Funny Ladies

Finally, two very funny ladies are getting some of the attention they deserve. You probably recognize both June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson from a few different things. Wilson was on one season of Saturday Night Live and starred in Happy Endings (R.I.P.), while Raphael can be found on Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SUV, web series Burning Love and occasionally New Girl. The two actresses have been writing partners for years, and co-wrote the 2009 film Bride Wars.

Their latest project together is Ass Backwards, which premiered to positive reviews at this year's Sundance festival. The poster for the movie was revealed by Entertainment Weekly, and it just makes us want to see it even more. Ass Backwards is set to be released on Nov. 8, and stars both Raphael and Wilson as two best friends who return to their hometown to compete in a beauty pageant they both last when they were closer in age to the girls of Toddlers & Tiaras.

Between that concept and the two women behind it, Ass Backwards is bound to be hilarious. Yes, many people weren't exactly fans of Bride Wars, but secret confession: I kind of loved it, thanks to my overall obsession with weddings. But I'm sure they learned their lesson, and likely had less studio interference with Ass Backwards since it was produced by independent companies. Check out the poster below and see just how much better Ass Backwards should be.

Via EW