11 Fitness Trackers and How to Pick the Best One for You

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Even before the Apple Watch came along to revolutionize our workouts, wearable fitness trackers were becoming a thing. When Tory Burch is designing jewelry for a tech company, you start paying attention, right?

But, browsing the options can be a liiiittle overwhelming. Do you really want to drop $350 for another piece of iTech? On the other hand, will a $50 tracker deliver enough information for you to accurately assess your performance?

It's enough to make you long for the day when all you wore on your wrist was a watch — you know, to actually tell time. Now your stressing can come to an end. We're breaking down all the deets on the most popular fit trackers out there. All you have to do is pick the one that works best for your lifestyle, then put it to good use (that means hit the gym, people).

Image: ryanking999/Fotolia

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