Check Out Louboutin's Sweet New Polish Trick

Christian Louboutin, the shoe brand revered for its largely coveted, skyscraper, and necksnapper stilettos, launched a range of $50 nail lacquers earlier this year. The mainstay of the collection is a universal red nail polish in a rich, bloody, and glossy shade that mimicked the signature soles of the brand's highly coveted heels. Now the stiletto brand has brought another nail innovation to our fingers and toes in the form of Loubi Under Red, which allows you to paint the underside of your nails red...exactly like a Louboutin sole.

If you can suspend both disbelief and the urge to roll your eyes at the very notion, think of the Loubi Under Red mani this way. It's like a reverse, crazy chic, and totally off the chain French mani, even though dreaded French manis are considered as basic bitch as it gets.

It's even more literal than (but just as fabulous as) the first launch, which boasted a long, pointy wand shaped like a stiletto slash dagger. After all, in a pinch, a pair of Loubis (and now this polish bottle or your sharpened-to-a-shank-like-point nails) can be used as weapons if absolutely necessary.

The debut Louboutin polishes were an instant hit, with many shades totally sold out in the first few days. You will find it difficult to get your almond-shaped, expertly filed claws on a bottle. I expect the same quick-selling status for Loubi Under Red, which carries a $45 price tag.

This game-changing product also features a thin, pointed wand, but the applicator is sort of like the felt-tip technology that has made eyeliner pens so much more effective when going for a cat eye. It allows for precision painting of that space under your nails. Clearly, it's meant to be used with loooooooong talons and creates nails that are dangerous and elegant.

If this is all a bit too advanced for you — and all things considered, under-nail painting can get messy — you can at least get your nail art on with this applicator, as well: You can create all sorts of swirls and designs on the top side of your nail.

If you recall, Adele rocked a Loubi sole-like mani at the Grammys in 2012.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See how the topsides of her talons were silver and the undersides were red? Clearly, we should have seen this polish product coming.

Long, pointed, weapon-y, and dagger-like nails is a trend that has not wavered in the last two years. This polish will certainly, certainly extend the trend, rightfully so.

Loubi Red Under Nail is available Monday, October 13, at

Images: Christian Louboutin (2); Getty Images (1)