She Joined the Purple Hair Brigade (Sort Of)

What, you thought celebrities were done dying their hair purple? Hah! Think again! Hannah Montana herself is giving the trend a test-drive. Miley Cyrus debuted her new violet hair on Instagram and, naturally, it looks pretty awesome because this color works on everyone (or at least everyone famous). Who knew purple was so universally flattering?

Unfortunately, the "Wrecking Ball" singer's do was just a wig, so she'll probably be back to blonde pretty soon. That's a shame, because purple is killer with her pale complexion. Cyrus's wig cut across her face with dramatic purple bangs and left her blonde pixie cut exposed in the back. The overall effect is "scene kid at a Taking Back Sunday concert in 2005," aka my favorite aesthetic. Deep down inside, every twentysomething who wasn't popular in high school is at least 25 percent scene kid and therefore poised to obsess over Miley's latest look.

While my favorite iteration of the purple hair trend is Kelly Osbourne's, our favorite DIY-er certainly does the style justice. I hope she breaks the violet wig out more often. A high-quality wig is actually a pretty genius way to tap into this trend without damaging your hair with harsh dyes. Take a cue from Cyrus' book and pair it with a matching bow, doe eyes, and bright red lipstick. All set to make eyes up at Adam Lazzara from the mosh pit.

Image: mileycyrus/Instagram