Janel Parrish & Artem Chigvintsev's Sexy Switch Up on 'DWTS' Featured a Jealous Val Chmerkovskiy, Should He Be Worried?

After this week's Dancing With the Stars switch up, if Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish were dating, he'd have a lot to worry about. Of course, Parrish has a boyfriend and fellow dancer Allison Holker says nothing is going on between the pair except friendly chemistry, but on Monday we learned Parrish has that chemistry with new partner Artem Chigvintsev too. In fact, their raunchy, sexy burlesque number kind of blew any sweet chemistry Chmerkovskiy had with her out of the water.

Parrish started the week out by guessing who her new partner was by only using her hands and was very impressed with Artem's body. She explored his biceps, abs, and even his butt. She also made it very clear her intention was to make Val jealous. If that was her goal it seemed to have worked as Chmerkovskiy spent the week being mock angry at Artem, peeking in on rehearsals and even pretending to fight Artem for his lady.

But after they rocked their sexy number and scored a 33, Chmerkovskiy may turn out to be actually jealous. Although at this point it's clear to most that Parrish and Chmerkovskiy are just joking around around with their showmance, it's also apparent that Parrish is on the prowl with these attractive dancers. If we thought Chmerkovskiy was a flirt, Parrish might be even more so. She and Val had been pretty hot and heavy but she and Artem kicked everything up a notch.

Perhaps it was just the style of dance or maybe she really just does have more chemistry with Artem, but either way I'm betting Val will be happy to get back to Parrish next week. Hopefully for their Mirror Ball chances he can reboot their showmance and compete with the sexual energy Parrish and Artem put out there on Monday.

Images: Janel Parrish/Instagram