All You Need To Know About Her New Book

by Rosie Narasaki

Did you know that Coco Rocha collaborated on a book? No, it's not a ghostwritten YA novel like the recently lampooned efforts of the Jenner sisters — nor is it an honest-to-god book of selfies, for that matter. It's not a travel-filled autobiography, a fictional tale of an ultra glamorous super model, or a Paris Fashion Week whodunit — nope, it's a photography book featuring 1,000 poses. Yep, Study of Pose by Coco Rocha and Steven Sebring might just be the perfect fit for one of the most inventive posers (not to be confused with "poseurs") of the fashion world. This is the same woman who posed through her pregnancy announcement, after all.

Set to release on October 28th, Study of Pose contains over 2,000 pages of Rocha's best modeling game. While her customary photoshoots tend to focus primarily on the clothes, this book puts the emphasis on Rocha herself — she was photographed in a simple, white leotard in just about every single pose known to man. Cool, right?

Add all that to the fact that the book was all shot (and co-authored) by famed fashion photographer Steven Sebring and contains a foreword from none other than Jean Paul Gaultier, and I think you've got yourself a winner.

Images: Getty Images; cocorocha/Instagram