The Cutest Cosmetic Collaborations Of All Time

Ahh... nothing pulls at my heartstrings more than an adorable cosmetic collaboration. Case in point? Shu Uemura's upcoming collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, inspired by Lagerfeld's infamous cat, Choupette (the collection is dubbed rather cleverly dubbed "Shupette" and it took me an embarrassingly long time to get it). Each piece was cuter than the last, and as I wrestled with my self-control (I'm trying to save money), it got me feeling nostalgic: How many other ridiculously adorable, heartbreakingly limited edition makeup collabs had I missed out on?

A lot, as it turns out. Some, I shelled out the big bucks for (MAC x Hello Kitty, because their lip glosses are only $14, and you got a free tote with purchase), but most I let slip through my fingers. Sometimes being sensible with money really sucks. There was the recent 6Princess collection by Takashi Murakami (it was adorable — the collection was split into "Heart Princess" and "Black Princess," and I honestly couldn't tell you which side was cuter), the gorgeous Liberty of London x MAC from several years ago, that one time the already-adorable Anna Sui joined forces with Minnie Mouse — and here they all are, for your perusal:

1. Alber Elbaz x Lancome

Um, the brain behind Lanvin meets Lancome? So fun.

2. Disney x Paul and Joe

Paul and Joe is already adorable (have you seen their cat-shaped lipsticks?) and the addition of Alice in Wonderland only further ups their game.

3. Liberty London x MAC

So preeeetty (and hippie).

4. Moyoco Anno x Shu Uemura

This collection came out five years ago, and I still majorly regret not buying one of these absolutely gorgeous oil cleansers.

5. Hello Kitty x MAC


6. Minnie Mouse x Anna Sui

Perhaps the holiday collection to end all holiday collections.

7. Takashi Murakami x Shu Uemura

It hurts my soul that I didn't buy that purpley eyeshadow palette (not to mention the a-mazing falsies).

Images: Shu Uemura (3); Lancome; Paul and Joe; MAC (2); Anna Sui