More '1989' Details Courtesy of This Girl

Wait, 1989 seriously still hasn't come out yet? UGH. I guess I completely lost track of what day it was while I was listening to Taylor Swift's new, Harry Styles-inspired song "Out of the Woods" on repeat for the past 24 hours. (Yes, it's actually that good.) And, apparently, while all of the fanfare about "Out of the Woods" was occupying T Swift fans, the "Shake It Off" singer was dropping hints about other songs on 1989. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Taylor Swift posted 1989 song lyrics on Instagram, so clearly she's starting to get as tired of waiting for 1989 to be released on Oct. 27 as you are.

I've been anxiously waiting for this album to leak ever since Swift debuted "Shake It Off" as the first single off of 1989 in August. And, now — well, I don't even have to tell you how many times I've listened to "Out of the Woods" in the past two days. (That's not an exaggeration, I've actually lost count.) So, in case it wasn't incredibly evident, I'm really excited about 1989 and to see what else Swift has in store for her fans on her new album that, Swift's revealed, is heavily influenced by "'80s pop."

So Tuesday and Wednesday, when Swift revealed lyrics from the first two songs off of 1989, I went straight to work trying to figure out what or who these songs could possibly be about.

1989 Song #1

OK, so here's what we've got:

  • More dancing — So far, dancing has appeared in "Shake It Off" and "Out of the Woods." Apparently Taylor Swift never stops dancing and neither will we.
  • A cityscape — This could be a BFF song homage to Swift's NYC BFFs Karlie Kloss and Lena Dunham OR to the singer's recent apartment purchase and relocation to NYC herself.
  • A new soundtrack and a beat she could dance to forever — This could be the self-love anthem about Swift's new life celebrating herself and feminism.

So, what's Swift hinting at here? This is totally a friendship and a "living your life" song that's reflective of where Swift's at right now, living it up as a single girl and figuring herself out.

1989 Song #2

And for this lyrical analysis:

  • An Aladdin vibe — Is anyone else thinking "I can show you the world — shining, shimmering splendor" with this?
  • An "Enchanted" vibe — No, not the movie, but the Swift song off her Speak Now album which features the lyric, "Your eyes whispered, 'Have we met?'"
  • The conversation factor — As much as I love a good girl-power anthem by Swift, she's a romantic storyteller at heart. And whenever she has a conversation within a song, it's between herself and a guy. That's just a fact.
  • The romantic nature of the photo — The brocade, the diamonds, the romance.

What can we expect from Track 2 on 1989? A love song, absolutely a love song. And if you're not OK with that, well you can get over it because I have no doubt that it'll be swoon-worthy and wonderful. Even though I can't figure out right now who this might be about — another Harry Styles song? I mean, "Out of the Woods" kind of made it seem like Swift and Styles had a pretty romantic relationship before they called it quits — maybe Track 2 will be all about the good parts of their time together.