This Will Make You More Excited For Their Album

If you were already super excited for One Direction's upcoming album FOUR , prepare yourself — you're about to get a lot more stoked for Nov. 17 to roll around. As a companion to their recently released single Steal My Girl (the music video for which will, weirdly enough, star Danny Devito), One Direction just released an acoustic version of Steal My Girl to tide fans over until FOUR's release date just a one short month away.

The song is significantly slower compared to the original version, which employed a lot of uptempo, pop beats. While the acoustic version isn't exactly completely stripped down — it's not singer/songwriter in a coffeehouse style, anyway — it's still a nice little addition to the already-likely-to-be smash hit Steal My Girl.

Predictably, the Twitter reveal of the acoustic version already has a ton of fan feedback on Twitter, with most fans losing their minds over the single (in all caps, of course). Behold, everyone: This is the power of One Direction.

You can check out the acoustic version of Steal My Girl below. Afterwards, if you haven't already checked out the preview of Danny Devito in the music video for the song, I highly suggest you do that right here, because it's kind of amazing.