Michael Kors Donates Meals To Hungry Children For World Food Day, Join His #WatchHungerStop Initiative

Fashion and Hollywood are teaming up to promote a very important cause. Today is World Food Day, and in honor of such, Michael Kors announced his donation of 100 meals to hungry children for every person who posts a photograph wearing his "Watch Hunger Stop" T-Shirt on any social media outlet with the hashtag #WatchHungerStop. This is definitely a cause worth tweeting over.

The generous designer first launched Watch Hunger Stop in 2013 to raise public awareness to end global hunger, and when he asked actress Halle Berry to join him in his campaign, she couldn't say no. Berry helped Kors to debut a National Geographic directed film documenting her visit to Nicaragua on behalf of his campaign. But when it comes to his mission, the designer says it's all inclusive.

"You don't have to be wealthy. You don't have to be a certain age. You don't have to live in a certain geographical area. Everyone can really contribute."

It's certainly a relief to see a designer championing a campaign that's inclusive of everyone, and his notoriety combined with Berry's star power should be successful in helping to raise a global awareness. As of July, #WatchHungerStop has already provided 5 million meals to children in need.

Kors is no where near finished, and wants to continue to "make some noise" about hunger. So put those selfies and Instagram filters to good use, and help out a very important cause today.

Images: Getty Images (1), credit Michael Kors