Carrie & Quinn Are a Match Made in CIA Heaven

If you've been watching this season of Homeland (or any season) you know that Carrie was never exactly the best at relationships. She's a troubled workaholic with a tendency to see the terrorist in everyone. After all the ups and downs of her affair with Brody — and his untimely death last season — I can understand why viewers may think she needs to stay single for a while. Normally, I'd agree that no female character "needs" to get into a relationship, and that showing strong women on TV who aren't constantly looking for love is a very good thing. But Homeland has already proved to me that our new Islamabad station chief is a complex and well-written character whether she's in a relationship or not. And right now, Carrie and Quinn look like a perfect couple — if only they'd realize it.

Sure, they're both messed up emotionally from years of hunting bad guys and living secret lives for their work. And yes, Quinn was, until very recently, sort of seeing his landlady. Oh yeah, and Carrie is currently dealing with the psychological stress and guilt of having a baby she doesn't really want. So maybe they should hold off on hooking up for an episode or two while they get themselves together. But despite all their problems, a Carrie and Quinn romance could be a real highlight of Season 4, and here's why.

They Could Help Each Other Heal

Post Episode 3, Carrie and Quinn are both emotional wrecks. Quinn was so done with the CIA that he was already handing in his resignation, and Carrie had blackmailed her way back into the Middle East to escape the responsibility of caring for her daughter. With both of them in such turmoil, the only source of comfort in their lives is each other. It's no coincidence that Carrie reached out to Quinn when she was recalled, or that she was the only person who could get him back in the field. By building a healthy relationship together, they could work out a lot of their issues. Both these characters need to learn to let other people in.

They Understand Each Other's Work

For both of these spies, work comes above everything else. Above personal relationships, any other obligations, and even their own happiness, which is why they need to be dating someone in the same profession. In addition to bringing a cool Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe to their relationship, dating would also allow each of them to stop hiding their lives from their significant other. That freedom and openness could be therapeutic for both of them. Also, husband-and-wife CIA agents working missions together sounds pretty sexy.

They Have the Same Values

Both these characters have the same MO: Find the terrorists. Kill the terrorists. Go have a drink. Quinn and Carrie both understand that protecting their country involves morally questionable acts. But they also both strongly believe that they do what they have to in order to keep America safe. They've both gotten their hands dirty, and so they get each other in a way no civilian could. They also share other values besides patriotism, such as enjoying a good alcoholic beverage and disregarding orders from their superiors.

Sounds like a match made in CIA heaven. Or maybe Islamabad? We'll have to keep watching to see if Quinn joining Carrie at her new station will finally bring these two together.

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime; FanPop (2); HomelandOnShowtime, fyeahpeterquinn/Tumblr