Should You Get Beyonce's Baby Bangs? Delving Into the Pros and Cons of the Look

The battle of baby bangs is a situation most of us have found ourselves in at least once, right? If you've gotten them before, you know just how tricky they are — those saucy minxes! Tempting us to make the chop, then giving us nothing but a string of bad hair days, coupled with a lot of hair product in return. Beyoncé is the latest star to get baby bangs, and the reaction has been somewhat divisive. And if Beyoncé can't make baby bangs look universally #flawless? You know you're dealing with a very tricky bear.

There's certainly a fabulousness to them on the days when they decide to behave — something quirkily retro that somehow looks Audrey Hepburn with a touch of Ramona Flowers thrown in. But when they go wrong? They're more akin to Hanna Horvath's Season 2 breakdown on Girls. (Remember how she tried to cut her hair like Carey Mulligan's as she fretted about a deadline? Say what you will about Girls, I think anyone who's written anything ever can relate to that scene.)

Anyway, the eternal baby bangs question is one I'm quite familiar with — it's something I'm actually grappling with as we speak. So, in the name of anyone who's ever hemmed and hawed about cutting their bangs, here's a short pros and cons list:

Pro: You'll look fabulously retro like Betty Page!

Especially if you play the look up with some major winged liner (and especially, especially if you happen to be Beyoncé).

Con: You might look a little like you had a mishap with chewing gum

Let's be real; they are a smidge uneven.

Pro: You'll be right at home in Paris

So, so glamorous and gamine.

Con: They take a lot of heat styling to keep in check

We're talking about daily bouts with the blow dryer and flat iron, if not more.

Pro: They look absolutely amazing with sunglasses and retro frames

Bangs do frame the face, after all.

Con: The copious hair product

Notice how Bey's look a tad... choppy at the ends? It's really hard to smooth them out with product, because well, forehead sweat and greasy products do not mix well. Let's just say that it's very difficult to keep things balanced between frizzy and oil slick.

Pro: Hair grows back, and you might love them!

Go on! You know you want to.

Images: beyonce/Instagram; Twitter