7 Celebs You Shouldn't Mess With on Twitter

As a Twitter fanatic and a big fan of both Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea, my heart was crushed when I saw the Doggfather and Iggy beefing in my timeline. Luckily, my boy T.I. stepped in to squash the feud. Still, they both really went for it! Finally, when I had some sense of relief, Azalea jumped back into the Twitter firestorm almost immediately to vent about another issue. Iggy tweeted a long stream of disappointed messages directed at her Australian management team after an old photo of her appeared on the cover of Maxim Australia. The rapper was named as the number one woman on the magazine's Hot 100 list. She was honored, but she was absolutely fuming when she saw that the magazine cover photo was an old image from years ago. Azalea was also upset that her Australian team had previously let something similar happen with an issues of Cosmo Australia. She expressed that she wished could have done an new interview and fresh photo shoot for Maxim.

But even with the fact that she's taken two big issues to Twitter in one week, Azalea, and her feud partner Snoop Dogg, are definitely not the first celebrities to go hard on Twitter to vent away some frustration. There are some stars who are downright notorious for tweeting their anger. These are some of the celebs who you should never, ever mess with on Twitter:


Rihanna has to be my favorite celeb on Twitter. I actually get mobile notifications every time she posts — whatever, judge me. As a person who overthinks every single thing, I cannot help but admire the way she does not give damn about anything or anyone. CBS was going to use her song "Run This Town" for Thursday Night Football, but the network pulled the track in light of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. A move that both Rihanna and I disagreed with. Instead of using passive aggression to subtweet, RiRi called CBS out directly. Ouch.

Kim Kardashian

People give the reality star flack for almost everything she does, but you have to at least admit that she is loyal to her family. When Adrienne Bailon talked in yet another interview about dating Rob Kardashian years ago, Kim stood up in defense of her sibling. Yes, Bailon is making career moves on her own, but her tendency to comment about Rob in every interview justifies Kim tweeting "#LetItGoooooLetItGoooooo (FROZEN VOICE)" and "So sad when people try to kick my brother when he is down #FamilyForever." Kim really laid down the ultimate diss though when she said Bailon is only getting shine from the spotlight because of her famous family. Do not mess with the Kardashians, if you can't keep up.

Nick Cannon

As we saw with Nick Cannon's barrage of tweets about his split with Mariah Carey, he is not a man to hide his feelings. He has had not one, but two Twitter feuds with Chelsea Handler. When Handler poked fun at a photo shoot he did with Mariah Carey, he did not even address or defend the shoot that Handler mentioned. Instead he just attacked the comedian and her show in several angry tweets.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump always seems to be embroiled in some sort of beef. Usually, he is the one who starts the drama though with no discernible reasoning other than a thirst for attention. On Thursday, he randomly called Russell Brand a "loser" in response to his appearance on The Tonight Show. (For the record, Brand actually appeared on Late Night with David Letterman.) He added that Katy Perry "must have been drunk when she married Russell Brand." I would say don't mess with the Donald, but that advice seems irrelevant since he just comes at anyone for breathing even if he's never met them.

Nicki Minaj

I have this weird one-sided relationship with Nicki Minaj. I love her so much while also being deathly afraid of her. She is not afraid to go off on Twitter and Instagram. When Mariah Carey threw shade at Nicki Minaj in an interview with Barbara Walters, Minaj went on one of her notorious rants in retaliation. I understand her defending herself because Mariah Carey is a queen when it comes to throwing shade, but ouch she hit her hard.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is no stranger to dissing celebs through his eponymous website and his Twitter account. He has no shame when it comes to instigating a response from a celebrity by tweeting a negative story or gossip at them. One of his biggest Twitter outbursts was with his former good friend Lady Gaga. The two had a major falling out and he responded to an interview in which she talked about him by tweeting at her. I even unfollowed both of their accounts on Twitter — a decision that I did not make lightly. Hilton alleged that he helped Gaga "sabotage" Christina Aguilera's Bionic album, and as a part of the argument, Hilton tweeted at fans telling them to buy Bionic on the same day Lady Gaga released her album.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is like any other 21-year-old girl: she posts all of the ups and down of her life on Twitter. The only thing is that Cyrus isn't throwing shade at her college roommate because she has a little more to deal with than those standard 20-something problems. I mean, come on, she's Miley Cyrus. Controversy is always around the corner. When Katy Perry pulled back from a kiss with Cyrus, Perry defended her decision saying, "God knows where that tongue has been!" In response, Cyrus composed the ultimate shady tweet complete with an emoji and accompanied by a meme. BURN.