'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Funniest Fail Yet

For someone who got famous from Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham is a woman of many talents. Or so she would like you to believe. Her latest venture is acting — with clothes on this time. Complex did us all a favor today and posted Farrah's audition tape for Days of Our Lives. Yes, the soap opera. And she's a horrifically terrible actress. But we'll get to that in a second.

Teen Mom fans (don't be ashamed) might remember that when we first met Farrah, at some point between yelling at her parents and ugly-crying, she mentioned her dream of becoming a model. She got a boob job to help her modeling career, booked one job and decided she didn't want to be a model. Next came culinary school, remember when she got frustrated trying to study while baby Sophia distracted her? She never became a chef, but now she does have a line of pasta sauce with her mom and grandma.

Next came writing, as Farrah published her autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended. Does that title remind you of a song? No, not Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," Farrah's own single, also called "My Teenage Dream Ended." It's available on YouTube, if you dare to listen to a song so AutoTuned, it sounds like robots mating.

After that was porn, which you might've heard about, though Farrah originally claimed it was a leaked, personal sex tape. I believe she is now back to modeling, even though Playboy turned her down.

Finally, the acting. It might even be worse than you expect. She reads her lines off her phone the whole time and takes history's longest pauses. The video has even lead me to develop a theory that it is physically impossible for Farrah to talk without whining. Watch the video below, because there's no way you'll see Farrah's acting in a TV show or movie anytime soon.

Farrah Abraham: the gift that keeps on giving.