Misty Upham's Family Releases Official Statement

Family members and celebrity friends stopped and mourned on Friday upon learning the news that a body which was found in a Seattle ravine on Thursday was confirmed to be that of actress Misty Upham. This came just days after her father, Charles Upham, reported her missing. Although there had been initial reports that Upham may have been suicidal according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress’s family has come out with a statement claiming otherwise. Now, Upham’s family released an official statement claiming Upham’s accidental death allegedly occurred while she was evading the police.

On Friday, the family spoke out about the incident through Upham’s Facebook page, claiming that when “the Auburn PD came to pick up Misty on an involuntary transport to the ER” one night, her family members were nearby watching as unknowing police officers reportedly taunted her. The statement also claims that after her family followed her to the hospital, they found her with “a swollen jaw, black eye and scratches and bruises on her shoulder.” The ER staff reportedly said she arrived to the hospital that away, according to Upham’s father. He claimed that she was afraid and “with good reason.”

The statement also alleges that the second time the Auburn PD arrived at Upham’s house for another involuntary transport, her family believes she may have left the house to hide from police officers when she may have slipped and fell into the ravine, which, according to her family, would have been difficult to see at night. This personal statement from her family is extremely heartbreaking and especially appalling since they have also reported that more could have been done to find their daughter.

“We pleaded with the Auburn Police to help us find Misty,” the statement reads. “But Commander Stocker made the decision that Misty did not fit the criteria of the Washington State Endangered Missing Persons Plan.”

Upham’s father also went on to claim how there were clearly differing views between her family and the Auburn PD when this case began to unfold.

“In a statement he gave the press he said Auburn PD doesn’t have any evidence that Misty is actually missing,” Charles said. “He went to say that Misty packed her belonging and left her apartment. This was an inaccurate statement. We believe that Commander Stocker had animosity against Misty due to a previous encounter. Why else would he refuse to allow common sense to prevail?”

Not only that, but Charles has also claimed that because of Upham’s involvement in helping the Native American community, it was, according to his statement, a search party from that community which found Upham’s body and not the police.

Likewise, Upham’s family is not the only party to come out criticizing the Auburn PD’s supposed lack of involvement in finding their daughter. Rather, Juliette Lewis, one of Upham’s August: Osage County stars has taken to Twitter to suggest that with Upham’s work with the Native American community, there might be more to the story and that the actress had “known enemies.”

This is just heartbreaking.

Upham, best known in Hollywood for her roles in August: Osage County and Django Unchained, was 32.

Image: Misty Upham/Facebook