This Dog Shares Our Waking Up Struggle – VIDEO

Dexy the German Shepard has been caught taking a snooze by her owner, and yes, we understand that at first she sort of looks like a demon. But it’s okay, because we soon realize that Dexy is just fervently dreaming (and things are about to get insanely cute.) Do dogs have dreams? They must, right? Do you think they dream about a huge, grassy parks where a thousand bright tennis balls are constantly being thrown by smiling humans who say, “Thatsah good dog!”? Or maybe they dream of large, open car windows out of which they can excitedly slobber until eternity.

Either way, Dexy is in a deep sleep, snoring up a storm until her human mom turns on the 100 Days of Summer soundtrack and mumbles about not being sure whether she’s recording or not (she is). After about a minute, Dexy is brought out of her twitchy dog dream and back to reality. It is a sad moment for Dexy. You can see it in her eyes. It’s as though she’s thinking, “Oh, god. No. What is this? What is this fresh hell? Ugh. Well. I better get up. A rectangle is being pointed at my face so there’s no way I’m going back to bed now.”

Dexy is basically all of us in the morning (unless you’re a morning person, aka, what is your life?) Getting woken up before we’re ready to wake up is one of the most brutal ways to start the day. Dexy seems to take it like a total champ, and is completely gracious about being shaken from slumber, and that’s more than I can say for myself. Oh, dogs. You are so endlessly magnificent and forgiving.

Images: Fotolia