Chase Is So Underappreciated on 'Chrisley'

If you're looking for a sassy reality family whose last name isn't Kardashian, look no further: The Chrisleys are here. If you haven't been watching USA's Chrisley Knows Best, you're seriously missing out. Not only is Todd the dad that I wish I had while simultaneously being the dad I'm really, really glad I never had, but the comedic chemistry between him and his family makes for some hilarious dialogue. They also have the charm of living a life far more extravagant than I (or most of their viewers) can ever imagine living — a gorgeous house, throwing elaborate birthday parties, the ability to allow an iPhone to go for a swim without giving it a second thought, et cetera. But one of my favorite part of Chrisley Knows Best is the middle son, Chase.

He's your typical well-dressed 17-year-old who managed to inherit his father's sass... and then some. If you're looking for a comeback, Chase probably has the perfect one, and his hair will look flawless as he delivers it. It's not that he doesn't know his dad will bust him for whatever rule he's trying to break, it's that he doesn't care — there he is, unabashedly making out with a girl in the back of a car at his sister's sweet sixteen, and he isn't even a little sorry he got caught.

There are many, many more reasons why Chase is the funniest Chrisley, and if you aren't in love with him already, I would love to change that for you.

His facial expressions are the best

OK, nobody will beat out Jim Halpert in my heart for best on screen facial expressions, but the best part about Chase's faces is the fact that they're totally natural. Chase isn't making these faces on cue — they're his actual, real time response to the pure ridiculousness of his family. Every time Todd (or anyone else, for that matter) opens their mouth to speak, I immediately look to Chase for his reaction, and he never lets me down.

This photo of him, Todd, & Nene Leakes is everything

You know how anytime you go anywhere with your parents, one of them inevitably ends up unable to end a conversation so you can go home and get in your PJs and sit your ass in front of the TV? Poor Chase has to experience this tenfold. Todd Chrisley always has something to say, and where Leakes is concerned? That conversation could probably last all night.

His priorities are in order

I think this tweet speaks for itself.

And how adorable are he and his niece together?

I mean.

Basically, how could you not love this guy?

Seriously. Tell me. I want a list. Oh, you don't have one? BECAUSE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.

Image: USA Network