Twitter Responds To Oscar De La Renta's Death

Obviously, as a fashion editor, I've covered a designer or two in my past. And, honestly? I have a hard time remembering who any of them are. But Oscar de la Renta, who died Monday night, was one of the first to make an actual impression on me. I learned about him first in Spanish class in middle school — then name dropped him as often as possible, equally as eager to show off my knowledge of international designers as my newly found ability to roll my r's.

Of course, as I went against all the well-meant pleadings of the adults in my life and pursued a career in fashion journalism, my knowledge grew beyond that one Domincan designer — but he's remained one of my favorites, and probably will forever. I know I'm not the only one who has this feeling; de la Renta's aesthetic was jaw-droppingly beautiful in a way that felt classic and innovative at the same time. In his own words, "I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.” And so he did.

Here, a few Tweets from the fashion world that truly remind us of the impact he had, and the legacy he leaves behind.

Joan Smalls

Taylor Swift

Isaac Mizrahi

Brad Goreski

Rebecca Minkoff

Micky Boardman


Nicky Hilton

Naya Rivera