Cumberbitches, Are You Sitting Down?

The Sherlock star is officially immortalized. Benedict Cumberbatch was added to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London on Tuesday, and it's not only realistic, but it looks just as dapper as he does in real life. (Which is a relief, because some wax figures can look downright terrifying. See: Justin Bieber.)

Though we didn't get to see Cumberbatch pose with his figurine — not everyone can be Jon Hamm — he is anxious to see the final product after doing hundreds of measurements for the figure. "I'm excited to see the finished, perfect, waxy me, although slightly terrified. The work is so detailed it's going to feel a little uncomfortable and surreal seeing what I really look like," he said in a statement. He also wants to use it as a real-life twin when meeting all the Cumberbitches. "I just wish it could take selfies and sign autographs," he added. Now that could bring a whole new meaning to his next film, The Imitation Game .

The next step in all of this is actually cloning him, which would probably be the biggest achievement of mankind, but could potentially make the world implode. Until then, I'll just imagine the Cumberbatch wax figure photo-bombing Bono's wax figure and eventually dancing with Michael Fassbender's, whenever that wax figurine happens.

According to the museum, this is Cumberbatch's "premiere ready" look, a.k.a. a sleek black suit that may cause fainting from all of the charm he's puttin' on. In fact, the anticipation of his waxy self nearly crashed the Internet. "We had so many visits to our website on the day we announced we were creating Benedict’s figure that our system nearly crashed," says Ben Sweet, the museum's general manager. Just another day on Tumblr, folks. We've got our eye on you, Cumberbatch.

If the photos aren't enough for you, watch him show the "making of me" in a behind-the-scenes video. Is it weird to be attracted to wax? (Don't answer that.)