An App To Help You Live More Sustainably

Most people can agree that living sustainably is, in both the long and short run, better for the Earth and the people who inhabit it. Most people can also agree that living sustainably is much easier said than done, which is why a new app called MilkCrate hopes to consolidate local, sustainable resources and businesses into one central hub that will help users live more sustainably, and do it with relative ease.

The idea is simple and super cool — the Philadelphia-based app creates a database that shows users which local businesses in the area exercise sustainable practices so that people can decrease their carbon footprints and support companies that share similar values. The idea is to make information about sustainability more accessible. As Morgan Berman, the founder of MilkCrate, explains in a video introducing her campaign:

"Turns out people want to live more sustainably, they just don't have the information. It's too spread out on too many different websites and resources, so we decided to bring it all to one place so people can access information about local sustainable businesses and resources, all in one place".

The project, currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo, needs about $4,000 by October 23 to cover costs for building features like adding coupons and business pages, creating maps and result filters, and accessing neighborhood maps. And while MilkCrate currently focuses on Philadelphia, Berman hopes to someday share the service with cities all over the country.

It's an important campaign not only because it helps people reduce waste and generate cleaner, more efficient energy and ways of living, but it also brings consumers in touch with the people and businesses around them that play an integral part in their local economy. Plus, it fosters important relationships that ultimately lead to safer, more inclusive and eco-friendly communities.

Images: YouTube