Bryan Cranston Talks About Those Lex Luthor Rumors

We talked last week about the rumors running rampant that Bryan Cranston had nabbed the role of Lex Luthor in up to six Man of Steel sequels. It seemed perfect for him: Bald-headed megalomaniacs are, after all, what turned him into such an Emmy hoarder. Bryan Cranston himself, however, has now spoken out about the rumors. And it's kind of not the news we were hoping for.

Cranston addressed the rumors in a recent interview with The Boston Globe, chocking up all the noise around the casting to a simple case of Looking For the Bald Guy:

And what about those reports that he’s signed to play Luthor in as many as six Man of Steel movies? He laughed. “Six? This is all news to me. I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I’m known to be bald. ‘What bald guy can we get?’ The reality is they can take any actor and shave his head or put a bald cap on him.” [...] “I think I’ll relax the rest of the year. There’s some irons in the fire, things that people are talking about, but nothing is set.”

So it's not a flat denial, but it's not exactly bubbling with excitement over the possibility, either. We may just have to accept that the we on the Internet got very excited about some not-quite-founded casting rumors. Again.

... But we're still hoping he's just pulling our chain.