4 Times Amy Poehler Was Wrongfully Pigeonholed

Of all the women in Hollywood, I'd be hard pressed to find a better role model than Amy Poehler. From where I'm sitting, she seems to have and have done it all. Her success knows no bounds: Her storied career on Saturday Night Live, running one of the funniest shows on TV, Parks and Rec, hosting an awards show or two, and I absolutely cannot forget the incredible resource that is Smart Girls At The Party. Oh, yeah, and there's also the whole "she wrote a book" thing. So why is it that, after over a decade of proving herself, the media refuses to let her join the elusive club of the women of Hollywood?

Exhibit A: The introduction to People 's recent interview with Poehler. "Amy Poehler will be the first to tell you: She's not some Hollywood babe," the first paragraph reads. What follows is an amazing interview where Poehler talks about the crazy idea that not being perfect is totally OK (something we should all try to embrace) but the points she's making are overshadowed by the fact that People, like many other members of the media, is once again slamming the door in her face.

"She's not some Hollywood babe." They're just words, but to me, they're pretty offensive words. Because when I think of a "Hollywood babe," Poehler is one of the first women who comes to mind. What is a babe if not a successful and hilarious actress, comedian, and businesswoman?

And the worst part of this whole thing? This isn't the first time the media has shut Poehler out. But rest assured that when it does happen, she's not afraid to kick some ass.

The infamous Hollywood Reporter interview of January 2014

Poehler made headlines in January when she and her Golden Globes co-host Tina Fey, sat down to chat with The Hollywood Reporter about their emceeing gig. Unfortunately, THR 's questions were exactly the kind Poehler shouldn't have to answer at this stage in her career, and while Fey was happy to play along, Poehler just wasn't having it. And frankly, I can't see how anyone could blame her. Much secondhand embarrassment was felt while reading this interview. I mean, you have the chance to ask Amy Poehler anything you want, so you decide to "challenge" her to wear an outfit from American Hustle on stage?

Poehler deserves the opportunity to speak intelligently about things that matter, so let's not insult her by prompting her with that kind of ridiculous crap.

That time she was presented with the male struggle as if it were revolutionary

I almost just want to let this one speak for itself, because it's painful to talk about. But in case you missed it, when Poehler stopped by Sundance TV's Approval Matrix, her interviewer asked her if she understood this crazy phenomenon men go through where they feel like they have to be everything and everyone at once. Hmm. Hmm.

Needless to say, it's super insulting to present something like this to someone who, as one of the far too few female comedians we have in the spotlight right now, has obviously overcome obstacles like this one, but worse. I'm cringing.

When Poehler chatted with Oprah and the takeaway was the kind of underwear she buys

Poehler was featured in the most recent issue of Oprah's O Magazine, which is pretty exciting... and, of course, eventually led to disappointment. Her interview was probably full of the kind of wisdom and insight only Poehler can provide, but instead, the quotes the magazine chose to release to promote the issue all had to do with Poehler's underwear shopping habits. I like when Victoria's Secret does 7 for $26 as much as the next gal, but Poehler is such a wealth of knowledge on so many other topics that I'm not interested in where she stands on the debate between thongs and bikinis.

The bad news? I don't know if this kind of pigeonholing is ever going to end. The good news? It doesn't sound like Poehler is ever going to start putting up with it. As long as she's asked dumb questions, she'll be firing back with the perfect retorts — and I will keep looking up to her for it.

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