So Lauren Conrad Finally Got A Lob

The lob will not go away. And not like it should or needs to, either. The lob is a long bob and it's a cute and edgy take on the time-honored 'do. The versatile cut hasn't reached a point of style oversaturation...yet. But we know that the lob has cemented its "It" status, since Lauren Conrad is the latest celeb to chop her locks into one. The not-really-short, not-really-long, and totally mid-length style is having an extended moment. Sarah Michelle Gellar got a lob recently and now LC is working it and has admitted to getting her first cut in years with her textured, piecey do. I am so used to LC, who is a quintessential Cali blonde and who is pretty without being remarkable, with her long cascade of soft layers.

LC, who has basically been accused of being an incredibly basic bitch and whose IG feed is loaded with lots of white, neutral items, illuminated by bright and natural lighting, hasn't been this short in quite a while. Now that she is a married lady, she is making tweaks to her style. It's not drastic and it falls in line with LC's ladylike, classic contempo style. Plus, she's naturally pretty, so most cuts will flatter her, as this one does.

Ready to see LC with shorter hair? Wait for it, wait for it...NOW! Her strands look thicker and less perfect, which I like.

In case you forgot what LC's hair "used" to look like, here's her familiar blonde tresses.

And those Cali girl waves, the kind only salty, Pacific Ocean air can provide.

Who loves LC with shorter, shoulder-skimming strands?

Images: Lauren Conrad/Instagram (3)