What We Need From The 'PLL' Holiday Special

The Pretty Little Liars Season 5 hiatus has been a real struggle, mostly due to the fact that our midseason holiday special is arriving later than expected. In lieu of the traditional Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, the powers that be decided to switch things up by turning the winter season into stuff of nightmares. Instead of pumpkins, creepy baby doll masks, and amazing PLL costumes, Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is bringing us snow, horrifying " Christmas gifts" from A, and our very first ice ball. Christmastime hits Rosewood on Dec. 9 with the Pretty Little Liars Christmas special "How the 'A' Stole Christmas," and already I'm itching to find out what's in store for loyal liars enthusiasts. Most importantly, will we find out any of the answers to the burning questions we have about the ultimate mystery?! After all, there are so very many questions to answer — how amazing would it be if the Christmas episode answered even one of them? Here's just a small sampling of what we'd like to know — now, please.

The 20 Questions We Want Answered In Pretty Little Liars Season 5

1. Did Ali really kill Mona? (There's no way that's actually a thing, right?)

2. If Ali didn't kill Mona, does that mean Ali isn't really evil?

3. Who is Bethany's dad? Could he be related to Spencer? (As in, Mr. Hastings...?)

4. Will Spencer prove her innocence?

5. What magic training academy did Toby go to so that he could become a cop in less than two weeks?

6. Will we see Officer Toby in uniform more often? Because it's almost as good as this:

7. Who is in this "army" that Ali is forming? Is it anything like Rihanna's Navy?

8. Is the Paily reunion for reals now? They're pretty cute when Paige isn't trying to drown Emily.

9. Is Caleb done with this Ravenswood PTSD? If so, let us be, too.

10. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

11. Actually, did we ever find out who killed Garrett?

12. ...Or Ian?

13. Shouldn't the police be looking into those murders?

14. How many different As are there?

15. Can we trust Lucas? At all? Where has he been?!

16. Who's going to play Santa in the Christmas episode? Is it Toby? (Please be Toby.)

17. What ridiculous thing will Aria wear to the upcoming ice ball? Will it involve spider jewelry?

18. Will any of the girls start applying for college? (Hate to put the pressure on, but it is December of their senior year now...)

19. How will A ruin Christmas this year? Will A buy out all of the green-and-red M&Ms from the stores?

20. How the hell are we supposed to wait until Dec. 9 for this?!?

Image: ABC Family; Giphy (9)