The 7 Emotional Stages of a Teigen-less Twitter

Remember that dude Voltaire? And that thing he said about not liking what you're saying but defending your right to say it? Or, you know, something cool like that? No, not ringing a bell? Then perhaps you might remember the First Amendment. Ah yes, the one about free speech. You've got it! Well, this applies to just about everything, even Twitter, which I understand wasn't around when our forefathers were writing up all those fancy legal documents. It's so weird when you think about it. No Twitter? How did they passive aggressively call out their friends when they were too afraid to say something to their faces? Anyway, George Washington's imagined petty arguments aside, Twitter is a place people go to voice their opinions and express that first amendment right but, as Chrissy Teigen's come to know, not everyone is as keen on the freedom of speech thing as you'd think. In response to the death threats she received for her contentious tweet about the horrific shooting in Ottawa, Chrissy Teigen quit Twitter.

It's one thing to receive criticism over a controversial tweet like hers (which, for the record read, "active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in america, wednesday."), but death threats are another thing entirely. The model thought maybe it was time for a break and it's been almost a whole day now that she's abstained. Regardless if I agree with everything Teigen says or not, I do sorely miss her snark, her humor, and her food for thought. Apparently, a lot of people feel similarly and thus, here are the emotional stages of dealing with Chrissy being painfully absent from Twitter:








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