Men Try On "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

Most Halloweens in modern-day history have presented women with costume options so ridiculously "sexy" it's terrifying. And now, men are getting in on the madness too. Buzzfeed's "Men Try on Ladies' Sexy Halloween Costumes" video tests out some of the more stereotypical costumes that we might find in stores this Halloween. From sexy firefighters to sexy nuns, the costumes were met with hilariously mixed reactions among the men who dared to try them on. Overall, however, it seems most of them realized how impractical and uncomfortably revealing these costumes are. "I came in here pro sexy costumes," one says, "...[but] I'm a little more torn now."

Before trying anything on, however, the men were careful to point out that they were pretty unfamiliar with how many ridiculous risqué costume options there actually are. "I like looking at them on women, but I do not want to see that on myself," one guy mentions. Another points out that he "generally wear[s] a lot of clothes on Halloween. It's normally a cold time of year." Excellent point.

Although sexy halloween costumes for men certainly exist, seeing these guys dress up in sexy garb intended for women only seems to reiterate just how absurd some of these costumes really are. After they completed their trial, the men of Buzzfeed seemed less than sold by these options. "Ladies, you don't need to do this," says one guy. Adds another, "There's a lot more sexiness when people look like they put thought into an outfit."

Here are the men's general reviews (and mine) of some of this season's "sexy" women's Halloween costumes:

1. The Sexy Fireman

Although I think this costume has the potential to be progressive (with firefighting being a stereotypically male profession), generally speaking this costume is impractical and unrealistic. For one thing, it looks nothing like a real firefighter's outfit. One man calls this "the dumbest costume I've ever seen." Another points out that "pants can be sexy," not to mention more true to real life.

2. The Sexy Nun

This one I have a problem with independent of its alleged sexiness. Dressing up as a provocative nun is inherently paradoxical, not to mention disrespectful to a vocation that prides itself on modesty. As one man puts it, "I'm Jewish and I'm offended."

3. The Sexy Ladybug

"This is lingerie, isn't it?" My thoughts exactly. But hey, if stepping outside the house in bedroom-ready attire is your thing, go for it! As for the men, they "would feel very exposed walking down the street like this."

4. Sexy Girl Scout

I think everyone can agree that this one is kind of disgusting (one man remarks that wearing the outfit "feels gross on so many levels"). Another says that the costume "is taking a depiction of a 7-year-old and turning it sexy," and that's all kinds of of wrong. "Girl Scouts shouldn't be selling those kind of cookies,"one guy says, and we shouldn't be dressing like them.

At the end of the day, Halloween is a time to play dress-up, and you should wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in. That being said, I would recommend avoiding the sexy nun and sexy Girl Scout for fear of being insensitive or offensive. The rest is a matter of deciding what feels right for you, and not being afraid to rock that look this Halloween. The final comment in the Buzzfeed video seems to say it best: "If you don't want to dress sexy, you do not have to dress sexy. But if you want to dress sexy, might I suggest the ladybug?"

Check out the video for yourself:

Images: Buzzfeed/YouTube