Baby North Has a Strict Dress Code

Most of us assume that the life of a celebrity child is easy. What could be so bad? They're born rich with beautiful genes and will spend their lives traveling across the world with their famous parents. But in her two months of life, we've already seen that North West has a rough childhood ahead of her, all thanks to her dad, Kanye West.

There have already been reports that Kanye is taking over PR for his girlfriend and North's mother, Kim Kardashian, and any Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans saw an episode where Kim got rid of most of her clothes (Kanye didn't like them) and then brought in her boyfriend's stylist to fill her closet. As the newest girl in Kanye's life, North's fashion is apparently subject to just as much control. The baby can only be dressed in black, white or cream, Life & Style reports. Their source even added, "No pinks allowed!"

While I think the pink-for-girls, blue-for-boys rules are very outdated, this still sounds crazy. North is an infant. Do you know what tends to get on babies' clothes at that age? A lot of things that you wouldn't want to get on white or cream fabric. What makes her dress code even weirder is that it apparently makes North match her nursery, which Life & Style's source says is all "dark navies, blacks, and whites."

I mean, if you're never going to let the baby out of the house why shouldn't she match the room she's stuck in? Technically Kim could be behind all of this, but I doubt it. The color scheme reeks of Kanye, and I can just imagine Kim browsing baby stores, picking out cute baby dresses in all colors, only to heartbrokenly put them back when she remembers the enforced dress code.

Maybe Kanye should take some cues from fellow Kardashian baby-daddy Scott Disick (my personal hero). Penelope and Mason seem to have the freedom to dress, and be dressed, like real-live children, and the results have been adorable.

At the very least, Kanye needs to put an expiration date on his very tight leash. When North is old enough to have a favorite color, she should be able to wear it, and if she's ever allowed to develop a mind of her own, I'm guessing it won't be black, white, or cream.