Britney Gets her Own Holiday!

Remember, remember the 5th of November... because it's now "Britney Day," y'all! This year, Nov. 5 will not just be a boring Wednesday in the first week of the 11th month. Instead of going about your business as usual, queue up your Britney albums from Baby One More Time to Britney Jean and settle in for a day of Brit Brit celebration. Call out of work and tell your boss that you need to celebrate this momentous day of bowing down to Britney Spears. If your boss doesn't understand, she/he doesn't deserve you anyway. Reportedly, Nov. 5 is officially Britney Spears day in Las Vegas, and if your name is Britney and you live in Sin City, you'll have access to some pretty awesome perks.

Not only is it a day to celebrate all things Britney, Spears will also be doing some celebrating of her own because she's getting honored by the the city. She will be receiving a key to the Las Vegas Strip, following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline. The proclamation, presented by Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, is just one part of a bigger Britney-centric day the city has planned. If you live in the Las Vegas area and are named "Britney", you can line up beginning at 6 a.m. outside of The LINQ to get two free tickets to Spears' "Piece Of Me" concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The lucky 100 Britneys will also get a ride on the High Roller observation wheel and get select seating in a "Britneys Only" viewing section of the concert.

Spears certainly has a lot to be thankful for. She's now making an obscene amount of money with her Las Vegas residency, and is no doubt bringing the house down for consistently sold-out crowds, so it makes sense to hold a "Britney Day" in her honor. Just imagine: 100 Britneys and their plus ones all cheering for Britney Spears on "Britney Day". It's a Britney extravaganza of epic proportions, but only if you were lucky enough to be named Britney. So really all those Britneys should be thanking their parents.

But it's time for me to get a little selfish, because it seems that Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment have forgotten another huge holiday that already takes place on Nov. 5. I'm not talking about Guy Fawkes Day, if that's what you're thinking. I'm actually talking about another event that has occurred on every single Nov. 5 since 1990 and it has to do with someone who, dare I say it, is even more important than Miss Britney Jean Spears. That's right, Nov. 5 is MY BIRTHDAY.

So while you're celebrating "Britney Day" in your little corner of the world, please let it be known that I will be celebrating my own 24th birthday. And to all my family living in Las Vegas (yes, normal people actually live in Vegas) you guys better call me up instead of attending "Britney Day". It's time to make an impossible choice, family: Britney Spears or me. Choose wisely.