How To Celebrate Britney Day

by Kristie Rohwedder

Hear ye, hear ye! The city of Las Vegas doth declare Nov. 5 Britney Day. Yes, it is a glorious holiday in Britney Spears's honor. Update your calendar accordingly. And that isn't all: On the fifth day of the month of November in the year 2014, the LINQ Promenade will host a ceremony for the pop star. And at that ceremony, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak will present Godney with a key to the Las Vegas Strip. 'Tis a momentous occasion, indeed!

Perhaps you consider yourself a devoted Spears fan. Perhaps you are very excited about Britney Day. BUT! Perhaps you do not live in the Las Vegas area. Perhaps you would like to celebrate Godney Spears on Nov. 5, but you do not think you will be able to make it to the Sin City ceremony that Wednesday. Perhaps on second thought, you're totally certain you will not be able to make it to the Sin City ceremony that Wednesday.

I am right there with you, dear friend. Right. There. With. You.

SO! I brainstormed a list of things you can do to honor the music icon on Britney Day that don't require a plane ticket to Vegas:

Listen to Britney Spears's music

This is a given. All Brit Brit, all day.

Wear a fedora

Oh, you have one of those paper cone party hats with that choking hazard of a rubber band strap? Sorry. Won't cut it. Fedora or bust.

Drink At Least One Frappuccino

You can't not imbibe. It's Godney's choice beverage, after all.

Grub Some Cheetos

To do otherwise would be disrespectful.

Spritz Everything With One Of Britney Spears's Fragrances

So many excellent options to choose from!

Bake a Britney Spears cake

A celebration without cake is not a celebration.

Learn the "Stronger" Chair Choreo

Maybe do this before you scarf down cake, Cheetos, and Frapps. Bonus points if you figure out a way to make the chair move around the room on its own.

And keep on daaaancin' til the world ends

...OK, OK. You don't have to keep dancing until the world ends. You can stop on Nov. 6.

Images: xmidnightfantasy, britneyspearsgifs (2), britneyreactions, gennychy, theonyxhotel, whenyourebritney/tumblr